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Enhanced Network Density for Yakima

For over 15 years, we’ve provided the greater Yakima area with massive bandwidth for major carriers, governments, healthcare, and educational institutions. Now, we’re expanding our network to provide TruGIG symmetrical fiber connectivity to businesses like yours.


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With the additional network density of the new south Yakima • Union Gap cluster, LS Networks now deploys 166 miles of fiber-optic internet connectivity in Yakima County and over 80 miles of fiber in the greater Yakima metro area. This enhanced network density will provide Yakima businesses with integrated internet, telephone, and productivity tools to greatly enhance cost efficiencies, remote collaboration, and scalable connectivity.

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In the best of all possible worlds, all communication pathways would be 100% fiber-optic internet. Fiber allows data to move at the highest speeds and with the fewest obstacles of any data connectivity product in the world. For businesses in Yakima, this means faster install times, a range of ubiquitous, advanced service offerings, and virtually limitless capacity for customers to fully utilize their internet and related services without any impact on speed or performance.


Business leaders, the Yakima Valley Broadband Action Team, and Washington State leadership recognize the need for strategic communities like Yakima to compete in regional, national, and world economies using the very best communication and productivity tools available.

Fiber-optic network expansion in Yakima will greatly enhance delivery of vital services and create a model for fiber-optic network expansion across the region.


Fiber-optic cluster architecture turns the old model of “fiber to an anchor tenant” on its head. This new model prebuilds fiber infrastructure within a defined geography to make it easier and faster to connect businesses to LS Network’s regional network backbone. This strategy is unique because it is a commitment from the provider to invest into an area prior to having any customers lined up for service. With a fiber cluster, businesses can get carrier-class connectivity in less time, and they can layer on additional products without multiple service installations. It’s a game-changer.


Headquartered in Portland, Ore., LS Networks owns and operates the largest, locally owned, fiber-optic network in the Pacific Northwest. We bring connectivity built for the most demanding organizations to underserved and rural communities in Oregon and Washington to create enhanced access and economic growth.

Our shareholders are a collective of rural, electric cooperatives, and our vision is to connect the rural communities they serve to advanced technologies – making it easier to live, work, and play.

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